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Company:                DotX Control Solutions B.V. 


Oudeweg 91-95
office B.1-1
2031 CC Haarlem
the Netherlands

Phone: +31 23 2050241
KvK number (chamber of commerce):  37135013
VAT number: NL8183.31.860.B01

Travel directions 

DotX is located in a site known as 'Maak'. This site consists of a collection of buildings.  
Car: when travelling by car, enter 'Ingenieur Lelyweg, Haarlem' in your navigation. If you need to type a number, use 12. You will see the 'Maak' site on your left hand when you drive on the Ingenieur Lelyweg. Park your car anywhere on the Maak site, there is plenty of space. 
Train: when travelling by train, enter 'Oudeweg 91, Haarlem' in your navigation. It is a 15 minute walk from Central Station Haarlem. Look for the 'Maak' sign when you walk on the Oudeweg. 

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