In December, novel Power Output Optimizer software was installed on a commercial wind turbine. This software adjusts some key parameters that influence the power output in partial load. Partial load conditions refer to wind conditions where the generator speed is less than its rated value. Roughly speaking, the wind speed is then less than 'stormy' (women's hair is not twisted). In short, these wind conditions are quite common. In those conditions, the wind turbine should extract as much power from the wind as possible. Its ability to do so depends on its design, but also on some key parameters, such as the blade angle.
Just like a racing saling ship should set its sails optimally, the wind turbine should set its blade angles optimally. We did that. And more (there were some more parameters that were adjusted by the optimizer).
As a result, the power output, in partial load, increased by 2%. Maybe this does not sound much to you, but if we tell you that it concerned a wind turbine that had just been tuned optimally for a certification?